The LCDA, is a group of local governments, created for the purpose of assisting local governments with their financial needs, can be a much-needed "one-stop shop" for local governments to obtain financial information and services. The LCDA has already provided assistance to several local governments with their infrastructure improvements, equipment acquisitions, and economic development.

Our Mission

"To provide economic development, infrastructure, and environmental facilities, to assist political subdivisions in constructing, extending, rehabilitating, repairing, and renewing infrastructure and environmental facilities, and to assist in the financing of such needs by political subdivisions of this state."

About Us

The LCDA was created originally by Act 813 of 1991 (R.S. 33:4548.1, et seq.); was patterned after a similar authority in Georgia; and was enacted to allow participating political subdivisions to finance environmental projects (i.e. wastewater, drinking water, and solid waste facilities)...

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