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Mr. Billy D’Aquilla

Mr. Billy D’Aquilla

Job Title:

Former Mayor of St. Francisville City

A high-impact host who welcomes visitors with much enthusiasm, is longtime Mayor William J. D’Aquilla. His office door is always open to visitors, and he goes to great pains to make sure they appreciate all the area has to offer and don’t miss a thing. In this area of great 19th-century cotton plantations, the mayor’s cotton patch is measured in feet rather than acres, but in addition to overseeing finances and infrastructure, he insists upon maintaining a few growing plants behind Town Hall so that visitors can see samples of the area’s most important early cash crop.

Jovial Billy D’Aquilla was elected to the St. Francisville City Council in 1972 and served 12 years, 8 of them as Mayor Pro Temp. In 1984 he ran for mayor and was elected; in the two decades since then, he’s been returned to office every four years without opposition. Why? Because Billy D’Aquilla absolutely loves his town.

Town of St. Francisville, Louisiana